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Our companies, Esri Australia and Esri South Asia, are the premier providers of the world’s leading geographic information systems (GIS) and location intelligence solutions in the exclusive markets of Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Bangladesh and Timor-Leste.

As key consultants, partners and exclusive distributors of geo-spatial technology developed by global leader, Esri Inc, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with GIS solutions that directly address business drivers and deliver maximum advantage. To date, we have an established client base of more than 13,000 organisations spanning the government and private sectors.

What is Esri GIS?

Mapping geography is one of humanity’s most ancient arts but today it is at the forefront of accurate and timely information analysis, presentation and management, as well as astute decision making. Technologically-enabled maps created by Esri GIS solutions help individuals from all professions to identify and capitalise on the value of location by linking geographic information (where an object is located) with descriptive information (what an object is like). With traditional flat paper maps, information is one-dimensional; whereas with technologically-enabled maps generated by Esri GIS solutions, numerous layers of information are offered, resulting in countless methods of analysing, presenting and managing how information interacts with geographic space in different dimensions and over the continuum of time.

Unlocking the True Value of Information

Esri GIS solutions unlock the hidden potential of most types of information by transforming standard database information into detailed visual representations in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional technologically-enabled maps. The information mapped by Esri GIS solutions reveals patterns, relationships and trends that are not readily apparent in charts and statistics generated in conventional spreadsheets or statistical packages, thus providing unique insights and facilitating in-depth analysis and strategic decision making. This is "where" the Esri advantage begins.

Innovative Solutions

From small applications designed for casual users to sophisticated business-enabling solutions, the Esri Australia and Esri South Asia GIS solution portfolios offer new perspectives on analysis, presentation, management and decision making. Adhering to the highest industry standards, our solutions are developed to readily integrate in an organisation’s overall information system framework and seamlessly integrate with other business systems. Our scalable, high-performance GIS platform provides a solid foundation for building "where-enabled" solutions that extend information use and management, enhance business performance and deliver increased return.

Drawing on Experience

Esri Australia and Esri South Asia have been key consultants, partners and exclusive distributors within the Esri global network for more than two decades. When we "where-enable" our clients, they enjoy the benefits of drawing on our in-depth domain expertise and vast experience accumulated since the dawn of geo-spatial technology.

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